Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Posted by The YA Book Traveler , Tuesday, February 17, 2015 12:17 PM

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Ten Book Related Problems I Have

1. Time! Like all of you there's always a lack of time for reading. I work full time, am married with 3 kids. Time gets very limited when I'm running around packing lunches going to work to not only read but to blog. Blogging is a hobby for me that I try to do when I can. Unfortunately I cannot give it as much time as I'd like.

2. Twitter!  Yes Twitter.  Twitter is a good AND bad book nerd problem. I LOOOOOOVE the YA book community where I've made tons of friends. But I've had days when I spent hours on Twitter TALKING about books but then not having time for actually READING books.

3. It's all about the Benjamins baby! Money.  I wish I had more money to buy books but alas I have to pay bills, food for the family, etc. So I do utilize my library quite frequently.

4. Real Life Book Friends. I'm finding more but having lack of actual people I know in real life who loves books like I do is a bit of a bummer. But I'm happy for Twitter and the couple of people I do know. I love talking books!

5. Book Envy. Yes it's real my friends and I've suffered from it many times. I am new to the blogging world and have not gotten to the place where I would be approved for ARCs.

6. Book Events.  I would LOVE to go to book events. But having a family makes it tough and an impossibility to go to book events. I have been fortunate to go to one book signing where I got to meet Sarah J. Maas and Susan Dennard. That was an amazing night!

7.Too Many Books! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how many books are in the world and it's depressing thinking about the fact that there is NO WAY that I could read them all before I die. Anyone ever depressed about this?  Also, I wish the publishing community would take 1 year off so I could catch up!

8. Bookstagram. I love taking pictures of books and looking at pictures of books. However, I'm sad because I don't have many great spot to take pictures of my books! Especially with it being winter right now I'm limited to my house which doesn't have any great places to take pics.

9. Reading new books and not the books on my shelf.  I have books on my shelf I bought a while ago but still haven't read them. Why? Because new books come out and I want to read them first. My goal this year is to read books that I already own (intermixed with new of course, I can't go cold turkey!)

10. Saying goodbye to characters I love.  It's so hard when a series ends. Some books I love so much that I know I'll reread but there are books that I really loved but may never reread.  This makes me sad because they were a part of my life for a while and now they're not.  It's sad to say goodbye but it's great meeting new book friends.

4 Response to "Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Related Problems I Have"

christine danielle Says:

I know I am envious of people who always gets approved for books too. :D

The YA Book Traveler Says:

Yes! I know I already have lots of books but I always want the new shiny. Ha.

Pili Says:

I think I have more of Events envy than ARC envy! Living all the way in Spain means I cannot attend any events unless I seriously save for them and plan my vacation time around them!

And yes... too many books, too little time!!

alisa @ papercuttts Says:

Have you requested books on Netgalley? You will get approved for a lot more than you think! My blog is pretty new too, but I was able to start getting approvals after like a month of blogging. Okay, so they usually aren't OMG JK ROWLING level books in general, but I've had a lot of really good reads this way. And some of them actually have been very popular books. When I start getting physical ARCs, I'll know I've made it ;)

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