How I started making Book Trailers and How!

Posted by The YA Book Traveler , Monday, August 10, 2015 11:09 AM

Hi Everyone!

I thought I'd do a quick post to explain why I got started making book trailers and how I go about it.

It all started with the Witchlanders Truthwitch Street Team, I guess you could call it, competition. You could create entries so you could get picked to be on the street team.

So, I decided to make a video entry to Truthwitch! I had so much fun with it, that I decided I'd start making trailer for other books.

Here is my >>> Channel

How do I choose?
  • This slightly difficult. First of all, I pick a book I'm actually excited about. If I'm not inspired, it's not gonna happen.
  • Then I go and read the Goodreads summaries.  There have been books I've wanted to make a trailer for, but the summary is too long, explains too much, or just doesn't flow.
  • Once I finally have my "eureka" moment I get to work.

How do I make them?
  • Search, search, search.  Because I do not film my own video, I search YouTube and Vimeo for the types of video I'm seeking. There are lots of amazing indie films on Vimeo that have been wonderful to use.
  • Then I have to find the right music. Sometimes I've used songs that author was inspired by (such as for the Truthwitch and Queen of Shadows trailers). Other times, they are songs suggested to me by friends (Thanks Pili) and sometimes it's just searching YouTube.
  • I also make sure to check out any Pinterest boards the authors may have. This really helps me with how they envision the world and the characters.
  • Then I record my voice for the narration. I went to college for Broadcast and Cinematic Arts so I have some background in video and audio editing. On my home computer I'm editing with Sony Vegas Pro 8.0.
I've had a TON of fun making these and am always up for suggestions! I made the Vengeance Road and Six of Crows trailer because friends suggested.

Let me know what you'd like to see and it may be my next trailer!

Watch my latest for Never Never by Brianna Shrum 

(Side note: I do this on my own free time because I love it. I already was contacted by an unknown author to read their book and create a video...for free! Please don't contact me to make you a video. I always do the choosing.)

6 Response to "How I started making Book Trailers and How!"

Pili Says:

I'm absolutely in love with your book trailers and they make me excited for books in a way most regular book trailers usually don't!

Ooooh, I'm just thinking! You could make a book trailer for Passenger, Winner's Kiss, or Wolf by Wolf or The Forbidden Orchid!! SO MANY BOOKS!!

Chioma O. Says:

Literally all your book trailers are better than most of the book trailers created by authors and publishers for their books that I have watched. That takes talent! Your trailers actually make me super excited to read the book. Especially this one for Never Never which I really, really want to read now.
~Chioma @ Blue Books and Butterflies

Lauren Matthews Says:

Your blog trailers are great! You should be hired by a publisher cause your trailers make me more excited than anything else!

The YA Book Traveler Says:

Thanks for being so supportive Pili! I hope to have another done soon!

The YA Book Traveler Says:

Thank you! Yeah a lot of publisher trailers don't make me excited for the books either. They're really fun (and sometimes difficult) to make.

The YA Book Traveler Says:

Thanks Lauren, that means so much! I'm having lots of fun making them. :)

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