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Title: Bounce
Author: Noelle August
Series: Boomerang #3
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Release Date: August 25, 2015
Source: ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This final chapter in the fun and steamy New Adult trilogy by Noelle August (authors Veronica Rossi and Lorin Oberweger) features two aspiring musicians who must choose between their careers…and their sizzling attraction for each other.
Playing the occasional club gig just isn’t cutting it for twenty-two-year-old cellist Skyler Canby, who’s trying to support herself and her mother back home in Kentucky. Persuaded by her best friend Beth to accompany her on an audition for the first feature film launched by Blackwood Entertainment, she figures why not? Beth’s a shoe-in for the lead, but maybe Skyler’s newly dyed pink hair will help her stand out enough to score a small speaking part.
Never in her wildest dreams does Skyler imagine she’ll land the lead role or that she’ll have her shoes knocked off her feet by the kiss her audition partner, Grey Blackwood, plants on her—a kiss that feels very real and not at all “acted. ”
After throwing a party that causes thousands of dollars of damage to his older brother’s home, reckless musician Grey Blackwood gets roped into working off his debt on the set of his CEO brother’s newest project. Grey spends his days fetching coffee and doing odd jobs around the studio, but he lives for nights when he performs with his band. He knows if he can stay focused, success as a singer is just around the corner. But that’s tough with a distracting pink-haired girl occupying his every waking thought.
Skyler and Grey have every reason to resist each other. But, like a song neither of them can get out of their minds, they have no choice but to go where the music takes them.

My Review

Bounce is the third book to the wonderful Boomerang New Adult series by Noelle August (which is a pen name for Veronica Rossi and Lorin Oberweger). I am a huge fan of Boomerang (book #1) and Rebound (book #2) because they're fun, sexy and have characters that feel real.  

There are many great things about this series in general. 
1. Realistic Dialogue: Many books I've read this year have unfortunately made me cringe because the characters are saying things you know people in real life would never say. This is not a problem whatsoever in these books.
2. Well developed main and secondary characters: Another aspect about this series are all the characters are unique and well written. They all have been thought out and feel real.
3. The character's voices: Since Veronica and Lorin each take a main character, this is extremely helpful in both point of views sounding like different people. In some books this is problematic. 
4. Humor: One of my favorite things about the Boomerang series is the humor. Not only is this fun but so many characters are charming and become endearing.


Bounce is book 3 of this series and I was looking so forward to knowing more about Grey, Adam Blackwood's younger, edgier, brother. Adam was the main male character in the second book Rebound. Grey is a musician, 19, a party-er, sexy, but also extremely irresponsible.  

Adam, his "business entrepreneurial" brother wants to help Grey to make some sort of life for himself.  But, Grey just wants to make his band into the next big thing. Grey becomes indebted to his brother because of some reckless behavior so he has Grey work off this debt by doing whatever he needs for his film.

Adam is also is looking for the perfect actress to play opposite a famous actor named Garrett . This is where Skylar comes into the picture. She and her best friend Beth go and audition for this Jane Austen's Emma retelling. 

Skyler meets Grey at the audition and is attracted to him but not necessarily insta-love like many books can be. This is one thing that I think many people will appreciate is the lack of insta-love. There definitely is an attraction, especially on Grey's side, but Skylar finds Grey a bit young and immature at first. In fact she really tries to put him aside and move on.

Skyler comes from a co-dependency background with her mother. Her dad is traveling musician who isn't around very much and a lot of the weight of helping her mother falls on her. 

Through various circumstances Skyler and Grey end up spending more time together and their own adventure begins. It's full of up and downs. 

My favorite things:

  • The actor Garrett, who plays the lead actor in the film, is HILARIOUS! He's actually my favorite diva, fun loving guy who is instantly lovable. LOVED him! 
  • The music. Both Grey and Skyler are musicians and I always am fascinated by authors who can write sound and music through only using words.
  • The chemistry between Skyler and Grey. It is undeniable, there is definitely chemistry there. However, because of the story-line they don't spend as much time together as I would have liked. They take a long time to tentative their potential relationship.

My personal issues:
Grey - Sadly, I found Grey's character to be very selfish, short tempered and a bit too much for me to become attached to. However, after some reflection I believe that Veronica did a fantastic job writing him because Grey comes from an early childhood neglect and abuse situation. His easily offended, quick tempered, and irresponsible. These are all attributes that can be attributed to someone who has come from this situation. My real problem with this is I have a close family member who grew up in a very similar way. And all the "having to walk on egg shells" because the person will blow up at you is something I've had to deal with many times. Because of this, I felt more like the mom wanting to disciple Grey for his behavior and I had a hard time seeing him as the "love interest" of the story. Being annoyed at the character because of personality flaws and feeling the need to set them straight as a parent would doesn't work very well when I'm supposed to find him attractive. So, unfortunately for me, I had a hard time liking Grey. He does experience growth throughout the book, which is good because I couldn't handle it if he didn't.

Bounce was my least favorite book in this series. I loved Boomerang and Rebound much more. But as always, I highly recommend this series to everyone. It's fun, sexy, and has wonderful characters. I gave Bounce a 3 out of 5 stars. 
About the Authors:
Question: What do you get when friends pen a story with heart, plenty of laughs, and toe-curling kissing scenes? 

AnswerNoelle August, the pseudonym for renowned editor and award-winning writer Lorin Oberweger and New York Times bestselling YA author Veronica Rossi, the masterminds behind the Boomerang series. You can visit them

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